Delivering innovative digital health solutions to humans

    DarioHealth Corp. is a leading global digital health company serving its users with dynamic mobile health solutions. In today’s day in age, knowledge of health and treatment is being democratized and we believe people deserve to know everything about their own health, and at the same time have the best tools to manage their treatment.

    DarioHealth employs a revolutionary approach whereby harnessing big data, we have developed unique ways for people to analyze and personalize their chronic disease management. DarioHealth’s approach has taken the best of both worlds – the world of the wearable market, which is projected to reach $51.6B in just a few years, and the monitoring market that is climbing toward the $30B mark* – and flipped traditional health upside down. We are moving from periodic data to continuous data, from general treatment to personalized treatment, and from theory-driven solutions to adapted data & AI/ML technology. DarioHealth’s solutions span the full spectrum of disease monitoring, management, populations, and engagement.

    What truly makes DarioHealth a remarkable investment opportunity is the fact that it has steadily grown from being a user-centric, direct-to-consumer company to a mature organization that is fully data-driven and able to provide a wide-range of managed care solutions. At the hub of it all is DarioHealth’s proprietary engagement platform, which has been painstakingly built by carefully monitoring and analyzing big data. Today, DarioHealth boasts phenomenal solutions and automated, full-suite services for the biggest players in the diabetes care management space.